COLORIZE TX-73  £459








The RoXdon COLORIZE TX73 is designed to be connected to the balanced line outputs of a studio mixer and provides the unique subtle coloration that the British Carnhill Transformers add to the audio and featured in classic audio equipment like the Neve 1073 unit. 

Somewhat like compression, a near-saturated transformer gives a mix some glue or air, an indescribable filling in of sonic gaps for a more cohesive sound with more character and density. A good transformer in the mix path will change the low frequency density; a kind of compression but without the obvious sound of 'squashed' processing. The sonic change is musical and euphonic. This classic character can be heard on countless music recordings through the years and adds that final warmth and 'panache' to recordings.

The COLORIZE TX73 is a hand built hardwired (no internal connectors or PCB's) passive audio unit  featuring 2 channel (left & right) inputs & outputs via XLR connections. It features 4 switches on each channel.

1. Transformer primary impedance switch 150 or 600 ohms.

2. A transformer (TX) IN/OUT switch which when engaged, bypasses the transformers primary winding in order for A / B comparisons to be made. A status LED can be utilised by connecting the external 9v International Power Supply. The Power Supply includes UK, EU, USA & Australian adapters.

3. The COLORIZE TX73 also features 600 ohm termination switches.  Engaging these switches, terminates the output of the transformers with a resistor to bring down the load to about 600 ohms when using the unit with high impedance inputs. The frequency response will change slightly so using these switches is a matter of choice.

4. For added color, the transformers can be driven harder by engaging the 10dB, output PAD switches.

Also included is a tuned RC Zobel Network circuit to dampen high frequency transformer ringing as on the original 1073 transformers. 

The COLORIZE TX73 can achieve various coloration to the final mix by varying the level of input signal to the unit and using the switches in various combinations to give the desired result.

Note: Pad & Termination switches will work in both Transformer IN & OUT modes.



* Passive Audio Circuit
* 2 x British Made Carnhill Output Transformers
* Balanced XLR Line Input & Output connections
* Transformer primary Impedance switches (150 or 600 ohms)
* Transformer Bypass Switches
* 10dB output PAD, Front Panel Switches
* 600 ohm Termination Switches
* External International Power Supply for powering LED's
* Aluminium Case (W210mm x D180mm x H45mm)
* IN/OUT status LED's
* Base fitted with 4 rubber feet
* Hand built in Great Britain