The RoXdon MP-1 PHASER is a clone of an excellent well known phaser built in the 1970's but now available as a studio rack mounted unit with line input and output provided, to connect to a studio sound mixer.
The unobtainable CA3094E chips have been replaced with three LM13700 chips providing the 6 phase stages.

The RoXdon MP-1 PHASER produces phasing effects by movement of an active filter and consists of an input attenuator, input buffer and summing amplifier section which conditions the input signal from the line signal source; a six stage current controlled phase shifting chain which generates the phasing effect; a low frequency triangle oscillator and exponential current source which drives the phase shift chain; a power supply section which powers the unit. The unit also features an output gain section for signal matching.

Operating controls consist of a BALLS control (Depth) which adjusts the phasing effect, a SPEED control which adjusts the phasing rate

The RoXdon MP-1 PHASER features a steel  2U 19" rack mounted enclosure manufactured with vintage black hammered finish front and rear panels, retro style knobs, dials, on/off switch and power-on lamp . The rear panel has a 9 volt DC socket for connection of the external power adapter (supplied) and 1/4" line input and output jack sockets for connection to a sound mixer or line level source.



*  Input LEVEL control
*  BALLS  control (Depth)
*  SPEED control
*  Output GAIN control
*  9V DC (International power adapter included, 100-240VAC)
*  1/4 inch line level input and output jack sockets
*  2U 19" rack mounting, 150mm depth.