This device is a clone of the unit produced in the 1990's with all its unique sounds.

The RoXdon VOICE VANDAL consists of two main parts, a lo-fi 10 bit digital delay based around a HT8955A echo chip, and a high speed audio chopper that strobes incoming audio on and off at four separate frequency bands. Each frequency band can be activated individually or simultaneously with others, and the overall rate of the chopping effect is controlled by the frequency knob.

The chopping circuit produces effects that sounds similar to a cross modulation or dirty sounding frequency based distortion. It can be used to produce unearthly 'Radiophonic Workshop' type tones from pitched sounds, similar to what you might hear on Forbidden Planet, or an old episode of Dr Who. Percussive sounds can be hideously mangled in a manner not unlike a ring modulator.

The delay can be switched off separately using the front panel switch.

The RoXdon VOICE VANDAL features a steel  2U 19" rack mounted enclosure manufactured with vintage black hammered finish front and rear panels, retro style knobs, dials, on/off switch and power-on lamp . The rear panel has a 12 volt DC socket for connection of the external power adapter (supplied) and 1/4" mic / line input and output jack sockets.



*  Delay on/off switch
*  Delay control (up to 800ms)
*  Repeat control
*  Distortion control
*  4 Frequency chopper select switches
*  Chopping Frequency Speed Control
*  12V DC (International power adapter included, 100-240VAC)
*  1/4 inch mic / line level input and output jack sockets
*  2U 19" rack mounting, 150mm depth.